“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

You may be at a crossroads in your life, and not know what direction that the Lord would have you to travel. It’s at times like these that you need to allow the Lord to lead you through the maze. I know it’s not clear cut; I know that the path is dark and leads to nowhere, but if the Lord is leading you, then, isn’t it time to just trust him and step out in faith?

I have been at the crossroads too many times in my life, in the valley of indecision. You’ll lose much sleep struggling with God’s will, if you use your precious time fighting against God’s will. Fear will paralyze you if you allow it to dominate your thoughts, and all the while, Jesus waits patiently for you to listen to his still small voice.

“I am the way, the Truth, and the Life.” The savior of the world is the only way, so why do we waste time fretting over our journey to him? It’s because of fear. We wonder; are we pretty enough, skinny enough, tall enough, rich enough, bold enough, worthy enough to be used by God? Such nonsense, and yet, we allow the thoughts to wander through our minds with abandon.

The questions that undermine our confidence in what the Lord has planted in our hearts to do, still lurk uncaptured if we don’t stand on the promises of God and say: Stop.

I am a child of the King, and he will not keep any good thing from me. When he takes away the things that I thought that I needed, he has a greater plan to fulfill. Our mission is to keep trusting God, knowing that he has gone before us to light the path that leads to eternal life.

I didn’t understand why the Lord allowed illness to come into my life; but now, I think, why not me? How awesome it is that there is a God who trusts me enough to allow me to draw closer to him through it all. If you’re tired of doing things your own way, and your life feels like it’s such a mess; I invite you to seek him while he may be found, and my friend, he can be as near to you as your next breath. Read further about how the Lord has kept me during a most difficult time in my life.

I am the Way The Truth and the Life

About gracemorganwriter

What is a writer? Someone who writes. For me, writing means to observe the world in a fresh way; it gives us encouragement when we are struggling to follow the path, and hope that we can keep pressing towards the mark. Writing gives us grace for the journey, and shines light into the darkened places of our soul.
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