What are you waiting for? Write.

Now, I know that this may be a bit unusual, but I want to hold myself accountable for all of the writing projects that I have going right now. It’s not that I am lazy, at all, far from it; however, I do have the juggling syndrome which is trying to toss too many pens (pardon the pun) into the air in hopes that maybe one of them will land on good paper, and flourish into something that I’m willing to share publicly.

Too often, I have written in the late nights or early mornings, and since writing is so private at times, no one ever sees it but me. It’s time to gently start letting it grow to be a fully developed work that can be shared.

So, with that being said, I am going to start sharing works in progress. If you have any suggestions, reactions, or if something puzzles you, please feel free to share it in the comment section, below. I welcome all of your responses.

The first project that I want to share is the memoir. As with all of my projects, I get started, but it seems that I hit a roadblock when too many other obligations keep me away from remembering. Is that it? Am I afraid to remember?



I invite you to share your thoughts on this post, below.

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