2014 is The Year of Answered Prayer

2013 is close to being over, but if I can make one observation about the year: the Lord has brought us THROUGH 2013. It was a challenging year for many people, filled with uncertainty and life changing decisions that will affect our future, but the Lord brought us THROUGH the year and we are stronger in spite of the onslaught of challenges and obstacles thrown in our path. Just like when the Israelis were facing the Red Sea filled with apprehension and uncertainty about the land they left behind and the one that they were to go to, we have faced our Red Sea, and as they trusted God and stepped out in faith, the waters parted and they went THROUGH to the other side, so we should step in faith and go THROUGH all of the uncertainty to claim the land that the Lord has promised us. This land may not be Canaan, but for us today, it could be answers to life long prayers prayed so often that we wonder if the Lord has forgotten us. This year is the year of answered prayers of provision, health, and peace.

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