My Miracle,

2013 was a tough year for me, my life was a huge mess and I began to not recognize the person I had become.
My biggest struggles involved self-harm. I felt that I needed to punish myself for all the bad things I had done. I started with just small tiny cuts, which then grew to major ones. I was tired of living and I didn’t see a point to my existence anymore. Suicidal thoughts had taken over my mind and I couldn’t find an escape. I tried talking to counselors but that never really helped, I needed a touch from God, who is able to deliver you out of any situation.

5 years ago, as a result of much prayer; the Lord delivered me from self-harm, depression, and suicidal thoughts. If I had let those spirits I was battling win, I would have never received my calling. Because of my miracle of deliverance I am here today!  -F.R.E.