Abiding in the Garden

How many times have we felt that God has abandoned us. I wonder if Jesus Christ felt that way when he was led out into the desert for forty days to be tested? Did the thoughts cross his mind as the days wore on? On the 39th day, did he think that he would never feel “normal” again? I wonder if Jesus knew that his test was about to be over in 24 hours? When Satan took him to the highest point, Jesus used his weapon: the Word, and so by example, we should take up our weapons to fight our spiritual battles; faith, prayer, and the word of God.
When we feel that our efforts are meaningless, it is then that we should consider that our answered prayer could be just hours away from delivery if we don’t give up. Hold to this truth, for in it you will find life and peace, and the Lord will give you something that no man can take away–hope.
I left ripe gardens, hungry,
Though weak, I confronted Fear.
I thirsted for deliverance,
after You’d promised; I’d thirst no more.
Angrily, I walked through the garden,
Midst the green and fertile soil,
As you led me away to the desert
arid and dry of Hope.
Still, I walked in search of Truth.
And, you led me to the mountain
Where weakened by my losses,
I failed to wait on your promise.
So, I wandered alone and stumbled
Falling deep into my night,
But, you drew me into your arms
Beside still waters and your light.
I waited forever, it seemed,
and in my despair,
I decided not to tarry,
but left my prayers there.
I braced myself for the tempest,
Night came, a dark that could be felt,
Blindly I wandered
Inching my way forward,
reaching for the familiar
Failing to find it,
knowing that it was you
who brought me to this place.
Alone, I tried to understand why.
Through those hours of blindness,
You taught me to abide—
I gave you weakness for my offering
Under your pavilion I did hide.
I thirsted for deliverance
you gave me a drink of living
water and a bitter cup;
Drink all of it, you said, for
Daily, we die to sin, and daily—
are victories won. It’s not your will,
but my will be done.
What once overwhelmed me
He allowed it for my good.
For it was in my deepest valley
That I finally felt his peace and understood.

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