Finding Strength “in Quietness and Confidence”

We often pray, “Lord give me the strength to get through this day,” when our day has been especially challenging. Sometimes circumstances that are out of our control, come from all sides to overwhelm us and we may feel that we are drowning in a sea of troubles. Then, that is when the Lord tells us that we will find the strength that we so desperately need, when we learn to trust him. The world is raging around me, but I know that I’ll have the victory because God is in control; I have complete confidence in him. He leads me beside still waters.

Isn’t it nice to have a God who knows when we have had quite enough of the front lines of battle, and he offers a respite away from the mangled crowds who are angry with demands from you. The Lord carries us to a secret place filled with his glory so that we might worship. When Moses was on the mountain to meet with God, nothing really changed about his situation in the valley. The Israelites were still murmuring and complaining. Those ungrateful people had the nerve to want to go back to Egypt to eat onions and garlic.

No, Moses’ situation didn’t change, but after a time of communion with the Lord, Moses changed, and that made all the difference in his life of leadership.

Did he still have to deal with people and situations? Yes, and did he still make mistakes, yes, but he knew that he had met with God and so he approached the monumental task, in quietness and confidence,  that he was commissioned to do.

We have a monumental task, today, serving Jesus Christ in a sin-cursed world that doesn’t always receive us or God’s message of truth and life. Do we run? No. We keep moving forward in quietness and confidence” that no matter how our situation may turn out, we can trust God to intervene on our behalf and for our good.

This week’s Lattereign speaks more about strength in quietness and confidence.

2014-1-12 Strength in quietness and confidence

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