My Commitment is For Eternity

Even when we think that we want to quit, we must remember that the Lord is faithful. This is just a reminder that God is faithful. Sometimes all you can do is be still and wait on the Lord to make the path clear before you. In these times, we may feel that the Lord has abandoned us, but I’m here to tell you to keep holding on to his promises, for they are true.

We all have been in a place where we questioned God and his purpose for our lives; when we get in that place where we need God to intervene, he will step in.

It’s when we feel unsure that the Lord teaches us to trust him. We can grow more after gaining the victory over our circumstances, because He Reigns.

No matter what path I must take on my journey, I have a made up mind to make sure that My Commitment is for Eternity. Click to link to this week’s Lattereign.

I invite you to share your thoughts on this post, below.

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