Answered Prayers


Celebrating Almost One year of Salvation!

I thank God for my salvation. God saved me almost one year ago. I thank God for where I am today.

Right after I got saved God opened a door for me to get a job where I could go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. So thankful.

Thankful for Yasmin being filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized. -Lisa Thomas

How I Got into the Church

My very first miracle started in 1988 by a great lady in my life. Her name was Annie Louise Manning. She was a good lady but she had a serious problem. She was an alcoholic, and had been one for many years. In 1984, she moved into University Towers. The Lord looked down upon her in 1988-89, and sent a few good men from the United Pentecostal Church in Greenville, NC, to teach a bible study.

Well, this bible study grabbed on to her, and she wanted to go to church, but did not have a way. Brother Ken Jacobs provided a way. She was so grateful to him. She talked about the church and him and his family all the time. She tried to get me and James to go, but we kept putting it off. She said this church was like no other she had ever been to.

After a little time, she repented, received the Holy Ghost, and was baptized in Jesus’ Name. Within that year, she passed away. If it had not been for the Lord looking down on her, and sending a few good men which she said was the pastor, Brother Norwood Still, and Ken Jacobs, she would have been lost forever. Thank you to these good men. Little did she know, because of her receiving salvation, many would come through her testimony.

During her funeral, I got to know these few good men, and a lot more, which made a great impression on me. I was there to stay. In 1992, I repented, received the Holy Ghost, and was baptized in Jesus’ Name.

Since then, over fifty people have visited our church from our family. Eleven have received the Holy Ghost, Nineteen were baptized in Jesus’ Name from friends and family.

Now, I have to sit with me in church my grandaughter, Crystal and all of her family, and my daughter Gina and Glynn. And in Jesus’ Name, he is not through yet. Many more will come, and those who have strayed away: they will return.- Jeanette Manning