The Most Precious Gift: Your Time

Jesus reigns forever.

Don’t forget to take the time to bless others this season. I know that everyone is busy, but I keep catching myself making excuses about not having enough time to do this or that. We are promised no more than twenty-four hours in every day to make decisions that will have a great impact on our future. Sometimes, I feel that we get too caught up in the expenditure of time that we don’t really appreciate the small moments of refreshing that are built into every day that we are alive. Precious time is wasted on the monumental tasks that we exaggerate in our heads. When we ponder the way that we are using our time, those moments that we thought were so important, will vanish with the second hand continually moving forward. The hands of the clock are consistent, and faithful, while our choices leave us still flustered and hungry for more time to waste. What I need to be thinking, is how will I use the twenty-four hours that the Lord has blessed me with to the fullest potential?

How are you spending your time? So many times people do as little as possible to fulfill their obligation to the church, and have just enough religion to be called a christian. What they don’t realize is that to be fully armored to fight in this spiritual warfare, it will take more than a little patty cake with Jesus. If you are seeking God to do a deeper work in your life, how will he be able to give you the desires of your heart, when you don’t wait on God and stay in his presence? I am so thankful for the time I’m able to be in his presence. “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.”

When you give an answer to God for your time, will you be filled with regret about the investment of time that you gave?

Are you guilty of being the first one out of the door before a service is over, or, will you be known as the one who lingered at the altar and allowed God to do a work in your life. Are you willing to submit to the Lord’s will?

He misses having time with us, and he wants to bless us, but we have tied his hands for our lack of commitment to the house of God and to prayer.

I have to watch myself when I catch the “gotta’ do spirit.” You may not know what that is, but I will say something like, I gotta’ do this, then when I get finished, I have to hurry up because I gotta’ do that, so I can go over here and do this. The cycle continues ad nausea until I realize that  I don’t gotta’ do nothing, (all grammarians please forgive me) except the will of God, and even then, it should be in his time frame and order so that it makes the best use of God’s time. It’s not my time, but the time God has allowed for me to work with, so if I make mistakes and squander away countless hours doing things that do not build my spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ, I am always going to be seeking for something more, while I watch the treasured moments of my life dissipate before my eyes as a vapor. When the time is spent, it can’t be retrieved.

God’s mercy wipes the slate clean every day and replenishes us with twenty-four more hours. How will you use God’s time?

This week’s Lattereign explores giving gifts. In just a short while, after the last present is unwrapped, the memory of material things will fade, but years from now, you’ll still remember the time spent with family.    The Most Precious Gift-Your Time

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