Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace

We hear the same message year after year about God’s love for us, but it never gets old. How awesome is it that God would love us so much that he robed himself in flesh to become a supreme sacrifice for us, so that we might live with him eternally. We sometimes groan when we hear yet another Christmas song; instead I want to remember how blessed I truly am. Being in this truth has given me hope for a future. No matter what I am called to endure as I journey through this life, I know that Jesus Christ paid the price for my sin, and that he will make a way for me to overcome.

Everywhere we walk we will find overcomers, if we will just open our eyes. stop being so distracted with our situations, and realize that we have it great compared to a majority of the world. As you think about your life and the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made for us, remember that through Jesus Christ we can do anything, because his grace is sufficient.

Click on this week’s Lattereign to acknowledge the one who loves us unconditionally.

Wonderful Counselor Prince of Peace

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