Nothing Will Separate me From God’s Love…

It seems that we are facing unprecedented times with Covid-19 and all that it involves. I try to keep informed, and to be fair and respect all views that are pushed by different reports. It’s time that I stop being so focused on these reports, and start focusing on the report of the Lord. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I do know who holds my future. I can trust in God. I can hold my head high and not allow fear to overcome my faith in him.

He has already laid out the plan for my life, and while I don’t plan to be a rebel and throw my fists up in protest about the situation, I do know that the Lord knows what is best for me and my family. He tells me in 3 John: 2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth.” Isn’t it interesting that there is a connection between prospering, being in health and feeding our soul, so whether it is in a building or just in my prayer closet at home: I know in whom I have believed.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8: 38-39).

I got to thinking about everything the other day, and one of the most profound thoughts I’ve had in a long time came to mind:

Do you remember the story about Chicken Little and his warning that “the sky is falling”? It seems that everyone became fearful and started looking up watching for when the sky would actually fall. The chickens were paralyzed with fear. Okay, I could leave it there, but what if everybody was so fearful and focused on something that may never happen, that they didn’t see the present danger of falling off the cliff that was ahead because they were too busy looking up in fear. I know there are people who are in dire need of prayer as they battle this pandemic; however, there are those people who are not sick, that need to work, also.

We have got to turn our attention to the Lord. The enemy of our soul would like nothing better than to stop the church from reaching the lost. Yes, we have restrictions on gathering at this time; yes, it is terrible that the government is allowed to trample all over our rights as citizens of the United States. I get that.  I learned to wash and sanitize my hands at an early age, and the proper way to cover my mouth when I cough or sneeze. I also learned to stay home if I was sick, but heaven forbid if I wanted to stay home from school, when I was well. Use common sense. Mama taught me that.

I still don’t understand the difference in socially distancing at Wal-Mart with considerably more people around you, than socially distancing in the sanctuary at a church, where only 10 people are allowed to gather? Are my spiritual needs any less essential than my physical needs? And, no I don’t have answers to those questions, but this is what I do know:

No matter how restricted we are because we must obey the laws of the land, what Satan intended for evil, God will bring good from it. Have you noticed? More churches are streaming their services, online? I can’t even keep up with the number of videos that I am following from various churches where the emphasis is to preach the gospel, and encourage the saints, and I don’t even need to leave my computer to be a part of the church. I still can reach out in many ways, where before the restrictions I may have just passed someone by without an encouraging word.

The bottom line is Satan has lost this battle. He can not stop the church. Whose report will I believe? I shall believe the report of the Lord. So do not be discouraged, be kind, and keep praying and believing that God can turn this thing around. In this week’s Lattereign, we consider the following question Have you Lost Faith in Your Prayers?

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What is a writer? Someone who writes. For me, writing means to observe the world in a fresh way; it gives us encouragement when we are struggling to follow the path, and hope that we can keep pressing towards the mark. Writing gives us grace for the journey, and shines light into the darkened places of our soul.
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