It’s Time to Stand in His Presence, and Let the Lord Fight Our Battles.

And you thought that for just one precious 24 hours that the devil was planning on taking a mini-vacation so you could catch your breath: wrong. Am I the only one who feels that we can’t seem to catch a break in this spiritual warfare? Everything goes well, according to plan, then, someone says something and disrupts your entire plan. It’s like playing Jenga with only one tile holding up the stack, and it’s your move. What will you do?

Facing adversity, tough decisions, heartaches, and consequences of our past actions, can sometimes weigh on us when we are struggling to just breathe in his presence, but that is the key to being an overcomer: going through a situation and getting into his presence. If we can find a place to be in his presence, we will find refuge during the storms of life.

Rest in this day and age is unheard of, with so many forces grabbing for our attention, it is little wonder that we have a hard time focusing on what is important and at the top of God’s list. I want to use my time to cultivate my walk with the Lord, because I need God to intervene. “And he walks with me and he talks with me, and he tells me I am his own. What joy we’ll share as we tarry there none other has ever known.” The song talks about fellowship.

My ultimate desire is to do his will, no matter what I am called to do. The Lord will take care of the rest of our lives, but this one thing he asks of us is to obey his voice. I should say, “not my will, but thy will be done.”

If you were to gain the whole world and lose your own soul, what will you have to show for a life lived? I will never be able to confront the enemy in the same way that you might confront the enemy, because our battles are unique. The one thing that the devil uses to throw me off guard is not necessarily the same thing that he will use to throw you off guard. We must be instant in season and out of season, always ready to defend ourselves and what we stand for. Nothing in this world is worth losing your soul over. The things we place so much attention on, today, may not even matter five years from now.

It is not for us to judge who will make it and who will not. We are responsible for preparing so that we will be ready, and allow God to work out his plan in our lives. After all, as it tells us in this week’s Lattereign, it is his plan. His Presence, His Plan, His Power

About gracemorganwriter

What is a writer? Someone who writes. For me, writing means to observe the world in a fresh way; it gives us encouragement when we are struggling to follow the path, and hope that we can keep pressing towards the mark. Writing gives us grace for the journey, and shines light into the darkened places of our soul.
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