About my Father’s Business…Giving Back to the Community

Block party 1

block party 2 block parry 3

Book bags were packed by the youth group, and then, distributed on Saturday at the POG block party. 

block party 6

Ask me about Sunday School? We wore a badge that said, Ask me about Sunday School, or Bible Studies. When people asked, we gave them a ticket for a prize drawing.  As a reward, if you turned in a ticket and got information, you received a sweet prize. Free home bible study program charts were prominent on the table next to Sunday school, as the bible tells us to “study to show thyself approved.”

block party 7 block party 8

block party 5This is the second year that the Pentecostals of Greenville hosted a Back to School Block Party in the South Greenville area, and we have had an amazing turnout each year. Over three hundred people registered at the event, and 100 book bags filled with school supplies were distributed, along with drawings throughout the event for gift cards, toys, and a scooter for a grand prize.

Why go through the effort? It can be contributed to having a burden and a compassion to reach souls in our communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity to meet people, introduce our church, schedule free home bible studies, give an encouraging word to people who needed prayer, join others in worship, share the bible, participate in playtime, and feast on pizza!

This is all fantastic, but the greater vision was to show that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever,” (Hebrews 13:8) and he still loves us unconditionally. Continually pray for Greenville, NC.

About My Father’s Business

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3 Responses to About my Father’s Business…Giving Back to the Community

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  2. I am glad to be part of this great event! Looking forward for next year!

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  3. I was glad to be part of this great event! Looking forward for next year!


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