Clean It Up; Make Room for the Blessing.

I feel about 20 pounds lighter since I started cleaning out the clutter in my computer. I have been on a clutter removal binge for the past several months, and yesterday I started removing computer file clutter. My Lord! I didn’t realize just how much I held on to from the past. I am still wading through files. I have lost count of the number of GBs that I have safely removed from the computer.


My husband gave me a gift back a while ago; an external hard drive. This thing holds an amazing number of GBs. Whoa. It is easy to use, and we can plug it into his computer and share files. if we want to.

Technology continues to amaze me.

As I was methodically opening files to search for treasure that I had long buried, I thought about how we sometimes do the same thing with our memories. How often do we promise the Lord to do thus and so, and then, we get busy and promptly forget that we have vowed to do it? We think nothing of casually commenting on others who are not faithful or dependable, when all the time we need to start digging through our own spiritual files and find the little attachments that weigh us down spiritually and cause us to be oppressed and depressed. No wonder we are continually struggling to get unbound from our thoughts of negativity and doubt.

It’s time for a spiritual file cleaning.

We don’t need to hold on to every bad thought or hurtful comment that someone made to us in some obscure place at some obscure time. It is time to press the delete button and move it to the recycle bin. Before we empty the recycle bin, we need to learn what the Lord is trying to teach us and pray. When we have prayed, then, we should empty the bin into the arms of Jesus. He will decide what needs to be in your spirit and what needs to be washed away. Some of the attachments may prove to be difficult to remove because there are files open somewhere deep in our minds and hearts that we haven’t closed, and put under the blood. They require a more thorough cleansing. It may take more than one time at the altar to pray it out of your spirit, but when all is said and done, if we keep trusting God and believing in his cleansing power, the very difficult file will submit to the master and be removed.

It is an exhilarating feeling to let it go.

The weights of the world will chain you to the past and eventually choke you to the point that you will be gasping for air. Untangle yourself while there is still time. If you choose not to heed the warnings, you could crash just like your computer overburdened with files.

My computer will be highly effective for a few more years, because I have given it room to breathe, but even if it stops tomorrow, I have prepared by backing up the worthy items on the hard drive.

Make your plans. Clean it up! Make room for the blessings that you can’t contain! It’s time for a fresh start. Have you started your Spring cleaning? Find out how in this week’s Lattereign.

PS. This week’s blog is a post that I found in the treasures of computer clutter, and it was written back in 2007. Since that time I have been through several computers and external drives. You must continually renew to stay spiritually fit.

This is That, A New Beginning

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